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Waterfowl, Deer and Locator Calls
My Arkansas style duck calls are hand turned one at a time. I personally hand pick every piece of wood used in these calls to add matching beauty to a great sounding call.

 The polycarbonate inserts used in the base  rate calls are from Echo and are by far the best sounding and easiest to blow. We offer them in an Open Water and Timber Style, single and double reed.. Both perform flawlessly from loud ringing hail calls to the low end nasally quacks and awesome feeding chuckles that drive those greenheads wild.

 Poly carbonate inserts are offered in smoke, bourbon, green, and clear.

 All calls come with a Fox's Custom Calls  Anodized Aluminum band unless otherwise stated. Your call band can be personalized with custom art or text for an additional fee of $10.

 Please call or email me with the type of wood or woods (as I also do sectional, dymondwood and laminate calls) you would like used in your call. I have too many woods to list and if I do not have what you would like, I will order it. Remember, this is a custom call and should be made the way YOU want it! For more examples please call or email


Wood/Poly insert                                                                                   $35
Wood Barrel and Tone Board Single or Double Reed                    $70
Custom Design PatternWood Barrel and Tone                                $85
Brick Pattern                                                                                            $100
Customized Anodized Aluminum Band                                             $10
Inlay                                                                    Priced based upon material used

I have a limited quantity of reserve stock cherry burl - call for pricing.

Duck Calls
Upstate ducks taken with my calls

My short reed goose calls at Fox’s Custom Calls come from years of trial and error in the field and shop. Through these years the design of the call has changed many times to make the call easy for everyone to use from beginner to expert giving the caller an extremely “goosey” sound. Short Reed Goose calls are the hardest of all the goose calls to learn but once mastered you will be able to produce all calls from double clucks to lay-downs with ease.

Our goose calls come with a CA finish in your choice of woods. If you would like a different finish please specify when ordering your call.

Please keep in mind, some woods are better than others when it comes to duck and goose calls. Our most popular woods are African Blackwood, Osage Orange, Gaboon Ebony, Lignum Vitae, Bocote, and stabilized Burls. 

Here at Fox’s Custom calls I stabilize all my own wood to add density and a waterproof strength to woods that would otherwise not be used for call making.

Starting at $85.00  for domestic or exotic woods
Call or email for special orders.

Short Reed
 Goose Calls
Black and White Ebony
Bubinga and Purpleheart
Redheart and Ebony
2011 Father-Son Hunt


More info to follow soon on our new line of locator calls!
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Adjustable Grunt Calls
Adjustable Grunt Calls are made in a take-apart  two-piece design for quick and easy access to change the tone of your call. These calls are capable of imitating everything from mature dominant buck grunts to fawn bawls with the sliding O-ring located on the tone board. Your Adjustable Grunt Call can be made in single or a dual wood combination as shown in the examples for the base price which includes a standard CA  finish. If you would like another finish please ask.
Included with our Adjustable Grunt Call is a very simple but effective double drop lanyard with a sliding Cobra Stitch Knot. I tie every lanyard myself with a specific purpose in mind. The sliding Cobra Knot is not only for decoration but can be slid to adjust to any neck size and distance between pieces when the call is taken apart to be adjusted. The double drop on this lanyard will stop you from dropping any portion of the call from your treestand in the heat of the moment. This was developed from experience and the aggrevation of dropping a portion of the call using a single drop lanyard.

Base Price:            $35

Barred Owl Hooter                                    $40
Crow Call                                                  $30